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  • 09/30/2018 12:23 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    In lieu of a December holiday party, this year the annual dinner and dance will be the Harvest Ball. There are numerous advantages to moving the event to October, including more location options. The music will be provided by Joy Bonner, an enthusiastic and talented singer along with the band, The Residuals. Some of you may have seen Joy perform this summer at the Concert in the Park or the Paso Robles Golf Club. Registration is now closed but those of you who were lucky enough to register in time will have a fabulous evening!

  • 10/03/2017 4:41 PM | Anonymous member

    NCNC's 2017 Holiday Party will be Thursday, December 14th 2017, from 6:00-10:00 pm, at the SpringHill Suites Marriott (Atascadero) ballroom.  Treat yourself to a fun, relaxing evening with your NCNC friends, enjoying a delicious dinner and dessert.  Dance to live music as the Wine Country Troubadours entertain us.   

    Registration forms for the annual holiday dinner and dance are available at the October and November NCNC luncheons. Online payment and registration is also available.  DEADLINE FOR RESERVATIONS AND PAYMENT is Friday December 1st at 8:00 pm.  

    Cost is $75 per person.  ADVANCE PAYMENT IS REQUIRED, by December 1st.

    You have the option of paying online using your credit card/PayPal.  Unlike the luncheons, however, you need to pay in advance--there will no payments accepted at the door. So if you choose to not pay with your credit card or PayPal account, you will need to pay by check. Payment is due by December 1st. If your payment is not received by that date, then your reservation will be cancelled.

    In the event you need to cancel your reservation, you must cancel by the Friday, December 1st deadline in order to receive a refund of your payment.  We cannot make any refunds after the December 1st deadline.

    This dinner and dance is a club event, which means it's closed to the general public. The event is open to NCNC members, alumni, and their guests. 

  • 03/23/2017 1:04 PM | Anonymous member

    Join other Singles in March for a Play (Noises Off), WildFlowers (Lunch at Pozo), Lunch (Ragged Point), Death Valley & Las Vegas (2 day trip, open to all Newcomers) and much, much, more.  Lots of laughing, sharing and of course, eating!!!

  • 09/30/2016 3:22 PM | Deleted user

    Although when the temps are in the triple digits, it's hard to think about Halloween, much less Christmas, the upcoming holiday season is upon us. Registration forms for the annual holiday dinner and dance have been distributed and there are thirty-four Newcomers who have already registered and paid. Newcomers know a good time when they see one!

    This year, for the first time, the club is offering on-line registration for this event. This way you can sign up while wearing your pajamas after you realize another day has gone by and you forgot to fill out and mail the form! Just as with the luncheons, you have the option of paying online using your credit card. Unlike the luncheons, however, you need to pay in advance--there will no payments accepted at the door. So if you choose to not pay with your credit card or PayPal account, you will need to pay by check and that check must be received by December 1. If your payment is not received by that date, then your reservation will be cancelled and we will give your seat(s) up to whomever is on the waiting list.

    This dinner and dance is a club event, which means it's closed to the general public. The event is open to Members, alumni, and their guests. There is no dress code; just come in your favorite festive attire.

    Online registration opens October 1.

  • 04/21/2016 7:30 PM | Deleted user

    On a self-evaluation I completed recently to determine if I needed hearing assistance, I scored 24 points, indicating moderate impairment. Some of the questions were a relief, such as, "Do you have trouble following conversation when 2 or more people are talking at the same time?" Um, yeah. I thought it was undiagnosed Attention Deficit Disorder but it turns out it's just hearing loss.

    Other questions, such as "Do people you talk to seem to mumble" or "Do people get annoyed with you because you misunderstand what they say" pertained to one person in particular--my husband! He has the annoying habit of mumbling something to me from another room while I'm running water at the kitchen faucet, then getting mad when I don't understand what he said. Clearly something had to be done.

    So I looked into a hearing aid. Sigh. I hate to admit that I'm getting old, but I've known for a long time that my hearing was deteriorating. I've had hearing evaluations in the past, which confirmed that there was some loss, but the audiologists just said that I wasn't ready for a hearing aid and would find it too annoying. Well, now I find the hearing loss more annoying and am ready to do something about it.

    One web site states that hearing loss begins as early as age 25 and there are many factors that cause it--noise related, genetic, ruptured ear drum are a few. While I didn't work with a jack hammer or chain saws, I have attended my share of rock concerts and grew up with the notion that music was better loud. Paying for it now with permanent hearing loss.

    And the key word is paying. Hearing aids can range in price from a few thousand dollars for behind the ear models to ten thousand dollars for discreet inside-the-ear-canal aids. Then there are add-on features, such as blue-tooth technology, that add to the cost. If you want to stream music or take phone calls directly from your Apple iProducts, there's even an app for that.

    In addition to hearing aids, there are also sound amplifiers, called PSAPS (personal sound amplification products). Although inexpensive, the way I understand it, they are more suitable for an elderly person living alone and conversing with one person at a time than for an active Baby Boomer attending a Newcomers' luncheon.

    As the first of the boomers turn 70 (not me!), the technology we championed offers us a way to save money on hearing aids and order direct through the Internet. Yes, it by-passes the audiologist, which is not generally recommended, but can be the right choice for some. In my case, I have yearly exams where the doctor looks at my ears and checks for wax, which can affect hearing. So far, no problem there.

    So what's a gal to do? Shell out big bucks for a device that only her audiologist knows for sure she's wearing or take her chances on a small, almost flesh-tone, behind the ear unit and hope it's not too obvious, then spend the savings on a shopping spree at Chico's? I opted for the second choice. I just ordered a pair-via telephone-that I found online, which meant no fitting, no programming, and no repeat visits to get it right. The sales rep answered all my questions and wasn't in some Third World country reading from a script. He knew his stuff. I have a 45 day trial and paid half what my mother recently paid for a similar model through more traditional channels. They'll arrive in a week and I can't wait. Neither can my husband.

  • 03/08/2016 11:33 AM | Deleted user

    The search is on to fill the board for the upcoming year. Only those who have been members for less than fives years may serve on the board; alumni are not eligible. And that's a good thing, because this is a Newcomers club and once you've become established in the community you may not be as in-tune to the needs of those who are new to the area. Also, the by-laws prohibit board members from serving in the same position for consecutive years, so by necessity new board members are needed to serve each year.

    The board meets monthly, for a couple of hours, and sets the course of the club. They make decisions from where the General Membership Meetings (luncheons) will be held, to how much to spend on the annual holiday party. Most of us are retired but have skills of value to the club, such as accounting or publishing. Please consider being of service to your club by participating on the board. Contact the club president (see your directory) to learn what positions are open. 

  • 11/25/2015 9:34 AM | Deleted user

    Holiday Dinner and Dance event information.

    Holiday Party Event page on Facebook

  • 11/24/2015 9:41 AM | Deleted user

    Are you coming to the Holiday dinner and dance at Allegretto? If you're planning to take advantage of the special rate the Allegretto Hotel has offered, get your reservations in NOW before they release the block of rooms set aside for us. Use this link:
    https://bookings.ihotelier.com/bookings.jspā€¦. Or call Patricia Kenny at 369-2511.

  • 11/01/2015 9:26 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Are you coming to the upcoming luncheon at the Springhill Suites in Atascadero? If so, speed up your check in process by paying online. You can use your PayPal account or charge your credit or debit card if you don't have a PayPal account.
  • 10/18/2015 12:03 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The annual Holiday dinner and dance is December 10 at the brand new Allegretto Vineyard Resort by Ayres. Reservations and payment must be received by December 2. This event is open to all members, alumni, and their non-member guests. See the Members tab for the flyer (you must log in to view the Members tab), or view the Newsletter.

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