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...to the North County Newcomers! We are a non-profit organization serving new residents of North San Luis Obispo County on the beautiful central coast of California. We have membership meetings monthly, usually on the first Wednesday, at locations throughout the county.  These meetings offer our members the opportunity to socialize, experience interesting presentations or entertainment, and catch up on club news. We also offer a variety of activities such as potluck suppers, golf, crafts and gardening, bridge and wine tasting. Whether your new address is in Paso Robles, Templeton, Atascadero, or anywhere else in the North County, a whole bunch of new friends are waiting for you at the North County Newcomers Club. We hope you will join us.

If you are not yet a member, you may apply online by clicking the Join In link at the top of this page. Membership is open to individuals who have resided in the North County for less than 4 years. Submit your application online and mail in a check to the P.O. Box, or pay directly online using a credit card. Your membership begins once your payment is recorded.

Visit our Events page where we share upcoming events, such as membership meetings and any special events the club may be sponsoring. Members, alumni, and non-members may register for an upcoming event by selecting the appropriate event and completing the information online. You may pay in advance online, or pay by cash or check at the door. However, special events, such as the Gala dinner and dance, must be paid in full prior to the event before your reservation is accepted.

If you are an active member or alumni, and you are logged in, the Members link gives you access to club information, such as the membership directory and newsletters. 


All attendees (members and guests) at any NCNC sponsored event or activity, must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.  Moreover, at any large gathering, including but not limited to monthly general meetings and wine club meetings, proof of Covid-19 vaccination will be required.

A Message from our President

On behalf of the NCNC Board of Directors, I am going to take this opportunity to thank the 100 NCNC members and guests who attended the nighttime general meeting September 1st at Midnight Cellars, with each and every one of them (NCNC Board Members included) providing proof of full Covid-19 vaccination status. Speaking for myself, the knowledge that everyone was fully vaccinated at this event made for a stress free and enjoyable evening, made only better by the great food served up by Stein’s catering, and the wonderful music provided by the Bobby Santa Cruz family band. Similarly, the 60 NCNC members who attended the September 21st Wine Club event at Four Sisters Winery in San Miguel provided proof of vaccination and then went on to enjoy a wonderful afternoon of wine tasting and visiting with friends.

At least for the time being, and likely for the foreseeable future, proof of vaccination will be required at these types of large NCNC gatherings. It’s not a perfect solution to the resurgence of the pandemic, but it’s the best NCNC can do if it wants to continue having these types of events. With respect to smaller NCNC sanctioned events, particularly those held indoors (e.g. AHHH groups, game nights, book clubs), participants need to be vaccinated as well.

Looking ahead, NCNC’s October general meeting will be another nighttime affair, this one on October 6th at Derby Winery. Stein’s catering will be serving up a Hawaiian-themed dinner, and The Earls of Tuesday will be providing musical entertainment. The last two 2021 general meetings will move indoors, to Broken Earth Winery in November and the Madonna Inn in December.

While the ongoing pandemic has placed substantial burdens of all of us, our most senior citizens as well as families with small children have likely felt a greater burden. NCNC plans to do its part to help ease these burdens with its upcoming Toy Drive and Senior Project. Look for more information on these two projects in this newsletter and the weeks ahead. In the meantime, stay safe, healthy and positive.

Randy Peters

North County Newcomers Club
P.O. Box 4512
Paso Robles, CA 93447


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